The Church Support Network (CSN) links groups in the UK which serve God in connection with the worldwide Christian Brethren movement. Much innovative work is being done, and the movement continues to make significant contributions to evangelical life in the UK.

Church Support Network: Working Together to serve local churches is a one-stop guide published in 2015 to clarify what each of these bodies and initiatives in the UK does, and how they fit together. It guides you to those who can help your church in evangelism, church planting, church growth, training, networking, joint events, overseas mission and much more. This website gives updated information on the groups linked by CSN, including some not referred to in the 2015 booklet. We want the website to be a one-stop shop to route you to the groups that can help you and your church.

What we do

CSN is committed to serving and helping churches grow and thrive. We meet together regularly for fellowship and prayer, to affirm each other’s work, and encourage collaboration between us. We want to avoid duplication, foster joint initiatives like the Living the Passion conference and training, and achieve better results. We believe that by working together we can better help you, your church and ultimately the work of Christ. We are not a closed shop: other groups which share our purposes are welcome to be in touch with us and join our regular group meetings.

How you can help

Please use this website to seek advice or services to help your local church. Feel free to pass the information to others, whether fellow leaders or church members.

For further information about Church Support Network, to comment and put questions, contact:

John Wilkes (Chairman) or Neil Summerton (Secretary) at