Supporting Christian Mission through Healthcare

Medical Missionary News (MMN) was established by a group of UK Christian Doctors in 1922 whose vision was to support their medical colleagues in missionary work overseas. In 1934 they established trust funds in order to support such work and publish a quarterly magazine reporting on that work.

In order to assist the work of missionaries, supporters often sent helpful medical items and equipment overseas. This was a lengthy and unreliable process, and so in 1982 the MMN director at the time used his business links to establish means of transporting goods through more reliable and secure container shipping.

Over the years, the methodology and emphasis of the MMN operation has adapted to changing needs and circumstances but the underlying motivation, the communication of the love of God through his Son Jesus and the provision of relief for the alleviation of suffering, remains constant and steadfast.

Overseen by an entusiastic team of trustees, MMN continues to support the work of medical missionaries, mission hospitals and clinics in three ways:

  • in partnership with like-minded missionary organisations through the provision of grants
  • through the sponsorship of doctors, nurses, students and medical electives in their training and attendance at courses
  • through the provision of practical aid via shipping containers, specifically to Angola, Malawi, Moldova and Zambia