Partnership wants to help independent churches flourish and grow by:

  • Encouraging independent local churches through networking, training and publications
  • Networking church leaders and staff workers locally, so that they can encourage and stimulate each other
  • Providing advice and consultancy to churches
  • Publishing Perspectives magazine and books to help church leaders

Partnership has some 200 individuals and bodies in membership, and nearly 160 member churches which are committed to plural leadership and every-member ministry. But it is not necessary to be a member to benefit from Partnership’s services: it is ready to help all.

Networking is on an area or cluster basis, led by local steering groups, encouraged by part-time co-ordinators.

In addition to networking, Partnership’s services include:

  • informal training in ways accessible to busy church leaders
  • helping churches to find staff workers
  • consultancy on church strategy and leadership, and through church health checks
  • advice on governance, constitutions and trust matters
  • publications to help church leaders and others.

Partnership is developing staff workers networks in local clusters, particularly to encourage those who work for local churches in the movement.