The Church Planting Initiative (CPI) brings people and churches together to transform lives and communities through church planting.

CPI is a collaboration between Church Growth Trust, Counties, GLO and Partnership.

The mission is to stimulate churches and individuals to plant new independent churches committed to every-member ministry.

The immediate targets are six new churches in different regions (beyond the nearly 20 already represented in the CPI network) to multiply regional hubs in order to sensitize church leaders to planting, and encourage and identify planters.

The how varies, but will be radical, including café church; developing relationships through common cultural and leisure interests, sports, and informal education; developing ethnic links; and workplace evangelism.

Could your church help plant a church for the unchurched in your area? CPI can help through:

  • Coaching – personalised, practical support to ensure long-term, powerful impact
  • Preparation – putting you in touch with resources, people and funds
  • Networking – we support planters from all backgrounds

Interested? Then talk to CPI. Or visit a local CPI Hub meeting to meet others interested in planting.

CPI’s personalised process helps

  • you identify how your gifting, experience and season of life can best be used by God in church planting
  • churches to think about the when, where and how of planting